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Markets dominate our lives.
Prices make us decide. Day after day we are caught up in a tangled web of markets and prices of opportunities and offers, enticing... confusing, requiring you to make decisions daily. Decisions that could enhance your life or that of your family. An abundance of Information and we have the right tools to extract this information and knowledge. ?
Knowledge is power. Our objective is to empower you, with the knowledge you need to succeed. This web site is designed to help you make informed decisions. While some information is easily accessible and provided, some are not so. Where specific information is not available, we have attempted to provide you with links to related or relevant web sites, which would help your search. is an easy to use, web based tool that helps you find markets and related price information. All information pages in this web site have a common format to help you get information easily. We encourage you to visit the navigation guide for an overview of how to use this site effectively. (it takes less than a minute) Navigation Guide
  USD - 153.53
GBP - 204.61
EURO - 182.72
YEN - 1.3816
As at 28-Nov-2017
Crude Oil $/bl  62.79
As at 14-Feb-2018 9.00 AM
Gold $ -   1,337.40
As at 14-Feb-2018 9.00 AM